#3047 in World
#2 in Norway
#1018 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name FAIA

Real name Gry Faia Hjelle

Country Norway


FAIA Biography

Faia (Romklang Records / Pointzero Rec / Music4Aliens / Femmes Fatales / Small Records. NO)

Faia is a well-established figure in the Norwegian electronic music scene, having worked in the industry for well over a decade as a DJ, producer, and club promoter.
Her reputation as a versatile artist is built on a deep interest for techno and house music, and her talent has taken her to some of Norway's top clubs, venues, and festivals including the open-air festival in Oslo, Sommerøya.
She has graced the decks at some of the country’s most esteemed venues like The Villa, Jaeger, Elefant, Storgata 26, and Hausmania in Oslo, Skur14 in Bergen, BrukBar/Blæst and Rockheim in Trondheim, and Cementen in Stavanger.

Faia's reputation has spread beyond Norway's borders, with bookings at renowned techno and house clubs across Europe, including Culture Box, Ved Siden Af, Club VOID, The Deaf Institute, LOFTAS, and Burning Man Week (SE). Her performances have taken her to Germany's top clubs like Rummels Bucht, Golden Gate, and Bohnengold, as well as festivals like Stroga Festival 2018, Sandsteinhöhlen 2019 and MIT DIR Festival 2023. In Thailand, she played at the Jai Thep Festival 2019.

As a promoter, Faia has been instrumental in empowering female DJs in the industry, organizing successful Femmes Fatales' events with both local and international artists since 2010. She has also been a resident DJ with the Small Records label for many years and now runs the SmallCast mix series.

In 2018, Faia got into producing and started a collaboration with Norwegian producer Duppeditt. Together they co-own the label Romklang Records and have been releasing music. Their hard work has paid off, with the duo getting signed to the PointZer0 Rec label in 2021 and having two releases on their V.A series 'The Explorer'. In 2022, they released 'Small Beings' on Music4Aliens V.A 'New Aliens Vol.3', and released their first ‘Escape EP’ on Amw Black Label in 2023.

Faia's skill behind the decks has earned her gigs alongside renowned DJs and producers such as Oxia, Pig&Dan, Ida Engberg, Djuma Soundsystem, Phaxe, Nastia, BeSvendsen, Guy J, Kruse and Nuernberg, DJ Hell, Turmspringer, Beddermann & Dahlmann, Ben Klock, Recondite, Gabriel Ananda, Lampé, Joseph Disco, Ramiro Lopez, TiM TASTE, Thomas Schumacher, and Moog Conspiracy.

Faia's musical style is characterized by deep, dark, groovy, techy, psychedelic and hard minimal, techno, and house. She occasionally enjoys playing downtempo chill out, melodic, organic and deep house sets for more easy listening. With her impressive track record and passion for the craft she continues to be a driving force in the electronic music scene.