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#7 in Canada
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EYESHA Biography

EYESHA is a multifaceted International artist; DJ/Producer, Singer/Songwriter, Dancer/Choreographer, MC, Sound Healer/Meditations/Psychic and LiveStreamer. A passionate and creative soul, active in music & the performing arts since her childhood, with 20+ years of professional & International experience. Originally from Montreal Canada, she has lived and performed in more than a dozen countries over 5 different continents, such as UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Japan, Netherlands (Amsterdam), Hong Kong, Qatar, Thailand, Morocco, Bahrain, Oman, etc.

Eyesha's DJ skills and music knowledge are extensive; playing many genres such as House (Afro / Afro-Tech / Latin / Tech / Deep / Soulful / Classic, etc.), Old School R&B / Hip Hop, Dancehall, Soca, Reggae, Afrobeats, Funk, Soul, Disco, Latin (Salsa / Bachata / Cumbia / Reggaeton / Dembow, etc.), Kompa / Raboday & more. She's often labeled as "your DJ's favorite DJ", due to her extensive mixing skills, deeply refined taste and capacity of storytelling through the genres, bringing the everyday listener with the aficionados altogether. Eyesha credits a lot of her music knowledge to growing up in the street dance community, training with Soul Train dancers and OG's of the underground scene, her teenage years Dancehall, Hip Hop and House events in the neighborhood she was born in, as well as hangouts in music stores as a kid, which were a refuge and escape for her when dealing with hardships.

Formerly known as Soph-eye Richard, in 2020 she entered a new chapter of her career with her brand new artist name; Eyesha. She represents her own indie record label "Meet The Eyes" as well as her own events and projects under the brands; #TheMeetUp, #EyeHouse and #CasaIsla, to name a few. Her first music release as Eyesha was in August 2020; Dámelo, an Afro-Latin collaboration and international hit, which was followed by POWERS, a sultry and fierce R&B song with Afro-Pop and Hip Hop feels. Her latest release FOCUSED, which came out in May 2023, is a blend of Hip-House with a message of positivity, strength, faith and spirituality. Eyesha always pushes boundaries with her international sounds, cultural knowledge and pure messages through the lyrics; with many more upcoming releases on the way.

Nowadays, Eyesha produces herself regularly through live streaming on TIKTOK, where she built a following of 104 000+ in less than a year, on KICK as a Signed Partner (kick.com/eyesha) and on TWITCH (twitch.tv/eyeshaofficial) where she has been streaming since 2020 and is a Partner.

Welcome to Eyesha's world, also known as "Petite Boss", an alias that was given to her by her friends and colleagues, many years ago, for her entrepreneurship and artistic skills!