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EVA SIMONS Biography

Born in 1984 in Amsterdam, Eva Simons has always been uplifted by music. Various members of her family had already achieved success in the music industry when she was still young, including Johnny Meijer, her grandfather, who was acclaimed as the greatest accordionist in the world at the time. This all has left a considerable impression on young EvaEva’s father, Cornelis Meijer, was a Jazz pianist who is credited with popularising Reggae in the Netherlands with his band Guilty. The band also featured Ingrid Simons, Eva's mother, who has built her own legacy by writing and composing popular songs.It was therefore no surprise that Eva has also found her feed in the world of music. At the age of 16, she applied to study at the Amsterdam School of Music where she gained experience. Following some very positive encouragement Eva decided to launch her own music career. It did not take long for her to record her first major hit with Afrojack called "Take Over Control", which announced Eva's arrival on the big stage.Fresh from collaboration where she had to adapt her style, Eva felt the need to get back to the basics and find her own sound. During the creative process behind her first solo hit "Policeman" she wanted to sidestep EDM and return to her roots by creating a mixture between Moombahton and Surinam Dancehall. Releasing Policeman was a major step forward and a leap of faith for Eva's career, she wanted to create a genre that had not existed yet. The gamble paid off and she followed it up with "Bludfire".2017 is the start of a new experimental era for Eva Simons as she starts a new chapter with the release of GUAYA in July and it's successor AVALON in October.