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EMPRESS Biography

Since 1996 Empress has toured the best clubs, festivals & events all over the world. She's gone as far as Europe and Asia, has also played almost every major city in North America, including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico. A real "DJs DJ" known for repping the deep, dark, musical & rolling dramatic genres of Drum & Bass, Jungle and other bass styles.

This femme fatale is a veteran Dj who's devotion to music, revered sets and relentless ambition has sustained her esteemed global reputation. Empress was one of the first female DJs in the world to start playing regularly at Raves back in the 90's. Her flawless mixing, esteemed technical skills, vast knowledge of music and high energy sets has set her apart from the mediocrity.

Empress has toured internationally Djing, Performing, Song Writing & Producing all genres of extreme Music. Specializing in Drum and Bass, Jungle, Electro house, Moombahton, Industrial, Deep, Dark and Epic Sounds.

In 1999, she was the first female American Drum & Bass DJ ever invited to play in London. And then was the first American Drum & Bass DJ to regularly play there.

In 1999, Empress was booked regularly to play at Movement, the V Recordings night at Bar Rhumba in London. She played over regulary for 9 years; from 1999-2008, when they eventually stopped doing the night.

In 2000, Empress teamed up with Ufo! and DJ Sage, to form their production trio, "Triadd". They then went on to release "Hydroxy" on Skunkrock Productions and had Digital & Spirit do a remix. Ufo! and Empress went on to promote the release by doing a 15 city tour throughout Europe; in Germany & Switzerland. She also played in Skopje, Macedonia for the first time.

From 2000 to 2007, she performed at the Ultra Music Festival at WMC in Miami every year.

In 2002, she released a mix CD on Topaz Records called "Stateside Sessions" scanning over 5,000 copies sold in the first 2 quarters it was released. She did completed 45 dates in a 3 month tour in cities all over the U.S., Canada & Puerto Rico. When she finished that tour, she also played in Tokyo, Japan for her first time with DJ Storm.

In 2003, DJ Empress continued her rigorous touring of North America, Canada & Mexico. She also made it back to Europe, playing shows in Germany & Macedonia & also back to London, England.

In 2004, she produced & mixed 4 songs for NYC's notorious band BLONDIE for their last album - "The Curse of Blondie".

In 2005, Empress began DJing Hip Hop at a regular Saturday night party at the Park in NYC. She DJ-ed there regularly until she ended up moving to England in 2007.

In 2007, her reworking of the song "We Live In Brooklyn" by Roy Ayers, entitled "Brooklyn Baby" was sold to Universal Music Group to be licensed to the HBO Film "Life Support" starring Queen Latifah, produced by Jamie Foxx, eventually sold to Universal.

From 2007-2008 she was based out of London to continue her DJing of mostly Drum & Bass there & in Europe, Empress decided to come back to NYC to form her first band and pursue song writing and singing.

In 2009, Empress wrote, recorded, produced & engineered her first solo album. She dedicated the year to finish the songs & to teach her band to play the songs from this new album. It featured her singing with some of New York City's illustrious Musicians. They rehearsed for over a year before her band, "Empower" began doing shows in NYC. All the while, she kept DJing her Drum & Bass sets, while also started DJing Dubstep & Electro House. She was booked to DJ in the Dominican Republic for a Music Festival in March of 2010.

Also In 2010, Empower performed shows in NYC.

Empress founded Empower Recordings in January 2011 to release "Alien Nation" her first single from the album. She coordinated various genres of bass heavy remixes of "Alien Nation". Two Dubstep remixes; one from SST (from Orlando), another one from Optimus Gryme (from New Zealand), a Drum and Bass one from GenR8 (from Miami) and a techno/electro one from Thrash (from Brooklyn) that were distributed through Itunes, Beatport & Amazon. She then teamed up to create "Alien Nation's" music video with director Eric Acosta, editor Dee Wassell and camera work and direction by Kermit Mercado and Gabriel Garcia.

Watch it here---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrofE7W_IxY

After doing shows with her band Empower in NYC, she decided that she wanted to focus solely on producing music & DJing again after the wear and tear of having and bankrolling a band in a city as expensive as NYC.

In 2013, Empress released her next single on Empower Recordings featuring her vocals and solo production on "Only Love" and "Faithful" in March. She exclusively played at the World of Drum and Bass in Miami for WMC. She also played in Mexico City, Mexico for the first time.

After doing shows with Empower in NYC, she decided that she wanted to focus solely on producing music & DJing again after the wear and tear of having a band in a city like NYC.

In 2014, Empress began producing Drum and Bass events in Brooklyn at the sleek new club Verboten New York. Her first event is scheduled for September 27th, with top notch D&B and bass music international talent, sponsored by Radeberger Beer, Jameson and Belvedere. She continued to tour mostly the United States, also playing San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In 2016, Empress was hired by long time friend Reggie Watts to write & produce the closing song of his Netflix special "Spatial". She was also featured to DJ the end of it, while Reggie MC-ed to the audience, turning the entire Studio into a Jungle/D&B Rave. She kept touring until 2017, where she had to take some time off due to re-injuring her spine, herniating 4 disks in her neck.

In early 2019, Empress finally had her injury under control & began creating music once again finishing original music, garnering the attention of some of the best drum & bass labels in the world. She will have some exciting news about releasing her music very soon.

Sought after by promoters, artists, bands and fans worldwide, Empress continues to move crowds, grace studios and stereos across the globe everyday.

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