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DJane name EMMA

Real name Emma Peters

Country Australia

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EMMA Biography

Emma is a professional DJ who has been honing her craft nationally and internationally for the last 8 years. She brings style, class and expertise when it comes to her performances.

With a comprehensive background in music and professional dance, she is no stranger to the spotlight, and is able to play to any crowd across genres such as; commercial house & top 40, RnB including 90’s hip hop, 60’s-90’s retro hits, disco/funk/soul, house, and everything in between.

DJ Emma’s diverse range and broad experience allows her to consistently deliver a high energy engaging performance, whether it’s a beach club sunset session, corporate event, club night, or high-profile VIP party.
With an infectious energy and great performers instinct, DJ Emma has developed a reputation of being a crowd pleaser, and a favourite among the Australian entertainment and events scene.