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Djane info

DJane name ELLY

Real name Eylül karcılı

Country Turkey

ELLY Biography

DJ Elly was born in 1991.

She worked in Izmir/Turkey with various agencies and companies as a model, dance instructor, while making fashion show as a choreographer.

DJ Elly curiosity for music began in her early childhood and as she grew to receive assistance, her curiosity transform into an impressive musical career in 2008.

Though her amateur musical life began as a listener, over short period of time, her dedication, passion and hard work brought professionalism. She listened and learned from both local and international DJs such as Discjokey by following their performances and work, which played an important role in DJ Elly development as a professional DJ.

Mixing the practical experiences with research her knowledge grew into becoming a producer and this exposed her to a larger audience of all genres of music.

DJ Elly developed her unique style as the result of her hardwork and many events she organized and join from 2009 - present. DJ Elly’s High energy and vibe at Show performances stands her out. Her sets and production ability continue to attract big audience.


Elly joined for big events&gigs at abroad more than 2000 people capacity ( Amman - Jordan , Bahrain- Manama , Egypt - Sharm El-Sheikh , Doha , Kazakhistan - Almaty , Greece - Athens , Holland - Amstedam , İtaly - Roma , Spain - Ibiza , Germany - Ulm , Serbia - Belgrade , KKTC , Turkey (many clubs&gigs,hotel parties, fashion shows) and many times worked as resident dj at clubs) , also worked as Dj instructor in Pioneer Dj school 3 years , also She has a stage in Corona Music Competition as second winner.


https://www.instagram.com/reactedrecords/ (Owner)


( DJElly )



Mobile : +905302307760

Marbella Radio Spain/Marbella (Resident) (active)

VenDjs Venezuela
www.vendjs.com (resident)

Radio Gomera SPAİN (resident)

Radio Valle Gran Rey SPAİN (resident)

Radio Gremradio SPAİN (resident)

Radio Serious Waves Tarragona SPAIN (guest)

radio scratch-eg EGYPT (resident)