#168 in World
#1 in Turkey
#4 in Middle East

Djane info

DJane name ELIF

Country Turkey

ELIF Biography

DJ and producer Elif is like her music - compelling, creative, full of life and energy. From her Anjunadeep debut (2019) which made her an instant favourite, the warm-hearted spirited talent has been ever evolving and productive, both with her sets and releases. Connecting with her community and her fans is at the heart of what she does, inspiring those around her to live a sustainable and healthy happy life. She’s enjoyed chart success with releases across imprints including Stil Vor Talent and A Tribe Called Kotori.

Elif draws crowds globally as a non-stop performer at prestigious events and venues, including The Gardens of Babylon, CRSSD Festival, Flying Circus, Soundtuary, Public Works, Kater Blau, Set Underground, ABRACADABRA, ADE… she brings heart, variety and passion whether to a dark club or a sunny beach. A lover of the earth, she uses her voice and music to action positive change throughout her community; she’s spoken at ADE on touring ethically and sustainable raving,

‘Music is my home. Music is my language. Music is my medicine.’ Even when the world paused, Elif took the pandemic in her stride, exploring a new-found way of sharing her music and connecting with her fans, with weekly live streams for ABRACADABRA on Twitch. Her ‘Moon Shuttle’ residency was a fast favourite, reaching over 10K viewers every Sunday afternoon, catapulting this warm-hearted talent into the limelight. She also streamed live for Desert Hearts, Anjunadeep, Femme House on Twitch.

‘I am a music storyteller. My nerd brain learns about music theory and production, when I can go days and nights without sleep and just work, because I can only enjoy success If I really earned it. This way I have a real and inspiring story to tell. I want to use my platform for our planet, for a better society, for freedom, for equality.’