#1436 in World
#36 in Ukraine
#441 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name DUO HUSKY

Real name Irina Alina

Country Ukraine


DUO HUSKY Biography

 International DJ project
 Top 3 Dj Project in Ukraine. 
 It was established in 2011 by Irina and Alina. Both of them have an excellent musical taste, a natural charm and beauty.
 Together girls have played and charmed the audiences at some of the most premium venues in 35 countries. Among which:

                     - Azerbaijan     - Albania          - Bahrain        - Belarus      
                     - Bulgaria         - Bhutan          - Croatia         - France  
                     - Georgia         - Germany       - Egypt            - Estonia       
                     - India              - Indonesia      - Kazakhstan  - Latvia       
                     - Luxembourg  - Malaysia       - Myanmar      - Nepal          
                     - Nigeria           - Oman           - Poland          - Russia     
                     - South Korea  - Spain            - Sri Lanka      - Switzerland 
                     - Tajikistan       -Turkey            - UAE             - Ukraine  etc.
 The following styles: EDM (Big Room, Deep House, Tech, Commercial).
  A bit of personal information:
"The main reason why we created our project is love for music. We are good friends  and we enjoy total idyll when selecting and creating musical compositions. We literally sense each other’s mood during sets. 
 We adore music, dancing, travelling and meeting new people and that’s why we love our job. It’s a great feeling when we arrive to a new place, get charged with  new emotions and impressions and then share all this with people on the dance floor!  We love each other and give it away. It's an absolutely crazy feeling". 
  The  DJ DUO HUSKY  are extremely good at their technical knowledge and mixing skills and due to the past experience of playing in so many countries. They can feel the crowd very well.
   Project participants only share high quality music with audience. If you want to dip in the world of positive feelings and thrill, then you should definitely attend 
the  DJ DUO HUSKY performance! You’ll surely never forget it!