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DJane name DOOWAP

Country South Africa

DOOWAP Biography

I relocated to South Africa in 2012 after living in London and studying Sound Engineering for four years. My love for BASS driven music emerged whilst spending time in the underground music scene, clubs and various music studios. Upon my return, I enrolled at the Academy of Sound Engineering (ASE) in Johannesburg and majored in audio post-production. During my studies I also completed a DJ course with DJ4Life, under instructor Ian Credible, who has become my mentor and friend. In 2013 I was scouted by YFM 99.2 the leading Youth radio station in South Africa and began my journey as a radio hostess on the Hot 99 radio chart show. In 2015 my collaboration with female bass rapper and performer Lex La Foy led to the opportunity to be a part of the Purple Velvet Hip Hop tour, which took place in: Germany, Switzerland and Austria. This collaborative effort was in conjunction with German rapper Sookee and American rapper Shirlette Ammons. In 2015 and 2016 I went to Europe, hosted parties and played at numerous spots in Paris and Berlin. I traveled solo to Europe for a Summer tour to ingest some valuable knowledge on what the European scene was investing in. I was also fortunate enough to play at several events, such as: Berlin female Focus Festival and Berlin Fashion Week after party hosted by Eve Without Adam.