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A good DJ always plays exactly what you want to hear. But your favorite DJ knows when to transition from the hit single all your friends know to the gem you haven’t heard in a while. D Jane is that DJ. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, her love for music came from her surroundings. Miami’s booty bass, coveted latin pulses, and underground hip-hop scene made it easy for her to fall in love with music. She spent her early years in Miami’s most popular clubs and was drawn to watching the DJ play. With high school friends as DJs, there was no doubt that Djing was D Jane’s passion.

For the past ten years, D Jane has played precisely what’s on your play list along with introducing you to singles you’ve never heard before. Her flexibility in genres ranges from the latest dance crazes in Reggae and Latin, to sing-a-long hits in R&B/ Soul, to gems in Hip Hop and Top 40 along with Techno, Electronic, Disco, and Funk. This allows D Jane to move effortlessly with the crowd’s taste while never missing a beat.

In Miami, she’s easily found packing the dance floor at local bars and clubs or at the hottest hotels providing your poolside vibes. She also had a taste of festival life at iiiPoints and Rolling Loud keeping festival-goers on their feet. Although Miami is her home, traveling allowed D Jane to create new ambiances in new states. New York, Chicago, California welcomed her with open arms along with going down under in Melbourne, Australia.

While D Jane has curated the tone for the night for clients like Bacardi, Adidas, Nordstrom, and Mercedes Benz, her most memorable experiences in her career have been the more intimate ones which include guests dancing and having a great time with no requests. Her personal taste in music reflects what most want to hear on the dance floor creating a night to remember for all regardless of age or demographic.

As one of the best DJs right now according to Miami New Times, D Jane takes pride in her skill. By mastering each genre along being flexible between CDJs, turntables, and mixing vinyl, D Jane almost makes DJing look easy. While navigating through the constantly changing music scene and staying knowledgeable on new music while refreshing your memory of old favorites, D Jane always knows what to play.