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DJane name DE LAYNA

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DE LAYNA Biography

De Layna, or Ewelina, was born in 1992. Comes from a small village near Bialystok. Music has always been very important to her, and it was music that allowed her to forget the worries of everyday life. At first, her taste was limited to electro, but with age she became increasingly interested in the broadly understood electronic stream - she understood that in every genre can find something that will arouse in her positive emotions. She began to learn new forms of club music and became interested in the musical world. Music has become a necessity in her life.
At the end of 2010. with dj Copernicus, along with Liquilady, began to take the first steps of dj'ing. From the first moments after the console she felt that sharing music with clubbers makes her a great joy. It's a pleasure to spend a lot of time searching for songs that are later put in their sets - they love to surprise the club with pearls of different genres that have something special in them - so they stay in the memory for a long time. But the greatest satisfaction is that she mixes music, interlacing sounds, and looking at playing people who feel the same way she is. In her sets there are no patterns - she likes house music and all her varieties, but minimal or techno genres are also not alien to her.
From January 2012 until mid-2015, every weekend De Layne could be seen in club M7 (Białystok), where from 2013 she was resident of Djane club. At that time, she also went to a lot of guest sets for such venues as:
Maraska (Bialystok)
Contact Us (Bialystok)
Mad (Bialystok)
Bed (Bialystok)
Nevada (Nur)
Selection (Zambrów)
Euphoria (Pietkowo)
Fantasy (Smiley)
Gutland (High Mazovia)
Corrado (Suchowola)

In 2015 she resigned from her position at the club and left for Australia. There she fulfilled her biggest dream and bought her danish equipment, then from May 2016 began to share Videomixy on youtube, which began to enjoy great popularity. One of the best Polish music portals wrote an article about Poland recording videomix in Australia (ftb.pl; www.ftb.pl/polka-w-australii-de-layna-prezentuje-video-mix_news_99661.htm).
He is currently in Australia and continues to record videomix.