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It would be very easy to get Claudia totally wrong. On paper she doesn't seem like a shy and modest.

The model has started her career since she was 12, and likes to express herself through music and dancing at a very early age.

When people ask "When did you become a DJ?", she replied... "DJ world has been my inspiration for years and now it's my time to show the world of Me"

When you have an attitude and vibe like Claudia you already can feel the burning "Caliente Latina" vibration into the air.

Positive energy is what is Claudia all about...

She loves to Explore and give more to the crowd with the best of pumping house music combining with touch of latin and stompy percussions, focusing on passionate 'suave' elements and energetic mood into each track.

This is a tried & tested up and coming Female DJ better that the whole generation of clubbers will go 'loco' for...

Be READY and PREPARED cause she will mesmerize and hypnotize you with the beauty of Claudia Jaramillo.

And expect more element of surprises from her set...