#1427 in World
#52 in Australia
#57 in Australia and Oceania

Djane info

DJane name CLARITI

Country Australia

CLARITI Biography

At an early age Clariti found her place on the stage, and a little girls dream of becoming a ballerina quickly grew into a lifelong obsession for the arts. Thrown into the live music scene in her late teens she instantly set her sights on a career in entertainment and fast developed an impressive resume of live music venues working with the leading talent of the Queensland music community.

A Dancer, Singer, Songwriter and DJ, this diversely talented quadruple-threat continually raises the bar, captivating punters with her infectious love of the music (and goofy dance moves). Blending crowd pleasers from Big Room and House Anthems to Open Format, Commercial and Pop hits, a Clariti set is a forever evolving dynamite performance every time.

Commanding the attention of her audiences with a statuesque radiance next to none, Clariti is a performer not easily forgotten.