#1918 in World
#15 in Belgium
#588 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name CHAR LEE

Country Belgium


CHAR LEE Biography

CHAR LEE (born Charline Vandergeeten) is not your typical artistic kind of DJ.
She doesn’t just play the music she wants...no, she carefully selects the tunes needed to maintain and/or even improve the party atmosphere.
CHAR LEE is also genuinely happy to play at your event, club night or festival. She actually does have fun every time she’s standing behind those decks and you can tell!
Besides, why wouldn’t she enjoy herself? She’s been passionate about music since...well, forever. So for her, DJing is nothing more than sharing that passion and, consequently, making crowds go wiggle or jump while doing that fistbumpy thing.

“But what about her experience and technical skills?”
Oh boy...please read this paragraph carefully so you don’t have to ask her that question ever again. Why? Because it’s pretty dull for a 29-year old who’s been a citizen of DJ Booth City for over 5 years to keep on repeating that she’s been number 1 of Belgium’s #1 Female DJ Duo for the majority of her career. So, as you can imagine, CHAR LEE has been dropping electronic dance music bombs all over the world on numerous festive occasions:

Tomorrowland (the world’s best festival, but you knew that already - Belgium)
Sziget Festival (the world’s biggest festival - Hungary)
Summerfestival (one of the biggest festivals in Belgium)
Laundry Day (one of the biggest festivals in Belgium...yes, this one too)
Costa Rica
The Netherlands
Sint Maarten

Besides all of the above, CHAR LEE is also known to reside in her kitchen from time to time, cooking up musical deliciousness. As part of the before-mentioned female DJ duo, a few official releases already saw the light of day...but now, having gone solo, she can release all of her uniquely flavoured affinity for uplifting melodies and club-worthy electronic dance beats and pour them skilfully into this digital file we call an mp3.