#2046 in World
#38 in Malaysia
#583 in Asia

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Country Malaysia


Dj Chaca is a newcomer in the dj scene. Hard work and determination are the two key principals that pushed Dj Chaca to the top of the industry where she has rightfully claimed her spot. Chaca started her dj-ing career in the last quarter of year 2010 at the age of 19 with Electro being her first chosen genre music.

“I used to be a hardcore three-day-a-week clubber and always admired the person behind the decks that got me dancing like a mad women”

.From a very heavy clubber to a Dj , Chaca was fully trained by the first Sarawak, Malaysia Video DJ - DVJ Zam to get her basics right. It took her for couples of months to equip herself with deejaying skill.
During her early days, she was still not confident to enter into clubs and nightspots as a dj because of her limited experience. In an industry where there are still so few female djs, especially in Sarawak, Malaysia, Chaca found it difficult getting her foot in. But this did not despondence this young djette!
Although she is still up and coming in the DJ scene, Chaca has managed to achieve guest appearances at some of Kuching’s hottest night spots at Travillion Pub Centre ….and she aims to create music that makes you feels good and wants to ‘get up and dance’!

Chaca as a DJ has the ability to read a crowd and play music to get everybody in the right mood. She loves to entertain and brings an amazing and hypnotizing party vibe.