#1992 in World
#58 in Italy
#652 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name CARMELA

Country Italy


CARMELA Biography

Dj Carmela, was born and raised in Naples. She has approached hip-hop when in Italy it was almost unknown. She started her career as a Dj along side with Lucariello, the famous Neapolitan rapper. Their showcases got the crowd hyped up and the presence of a female dj on the turntable did get a lot of attention. Dj carmela, very keen in scratching and cutting up, started her career as turntablist, just like that. Vinyl’s lover, she landed to the cd players as well. From stage concert to club dj booth (supporter of artist such as Sottotono, Neffa, Wyclef, Dj Kool, JT Money, Fatman Scoop, La Famiglia, Capleton, Dj Tony Touch, Coolio), dj carmela with her dj set is able to satisfy and capture every kind of crowd, from the most picky people looking for that quality selection, to the ones simply looking for a hit to dance and an easy song to listen; from east coast style to west coast, stopping by the south style, from smooth and soft sound of R&B and soul, to the metropolitan sound of hip hop enriched with Dancehall rithyms. That's the melt that makes so catchy the whole sound of dj carmela. It's impossible standing still when dj carmela is on the wheels.