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#37 in South Africa
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Country South Africa


”Purveyor of infectious dance
grooves and a feel-good atmosphere.”

That’s how Candice Delacruz would describe herself as a dj. She's a thriving dj and an aspiring producer. Her emotive musical selections are her own therapy.

A well spoken, articulate and professional Dj with a clear voice, excellent communication skills and a good sense of timing and co-ordination, as well as interact with the audience.

Candice Delacruz got into Djing to fulfil a life-long dream of sharing her music/ taste of music to the world. She has passion for music, thus turning your passion into a full time profession can be refreshing. It instills confidence in your talent, you become a social person, entertainer, lover for music, and the idea of sharing it with a receptive audience.
This translates into sets where she picks apart, and infuses together all the pieces of music that she loves best: Beautiful sync work, ethereal backdrops, brooding basslines, and occasional vocal hooks; all on top of a pronounced foot-shuffling house beat.

She believes that melodic rhythms and enthralling vocals make tracks great. For her, its all about mood and a deep hypnotic groove.
Playing those tracks that lead to tapping feet, head-bobbing nods, without you even realizing it, regardless of genre, tempo, style, or release date.

She is nowhere near where she wants to be and she’s always known that someday greatness is to come of her. So until then She will continue to work like her life depends on it...Because it actually does.