#1048 in World
#43 in United Kingdom
#287 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name CAIT

Country United Kingdom


CAIT Biography

CAITs music and her overall style is heavily influenced by the likes of East End Dubs, Antss, Chris Stussy and Djoko.

With the likes of Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, East End Dubs and many more supporting her recent track relea BOOYA, released on Londons Label - InLuv.

CAIT has supported the likes of Shermanology, GW Harrison, Prunk, Joseph Edmund, Antss, Ozzie Guven, Ryan Resso, Sorley, Sam Divine & More. She has been headlining events at Manchesters own Joshua Brooks and also has international bookings in Ibiza along working with ELROW.

A stand-out trait of hers is her strong desire to succeed and heavy focus on ensuring she continues to strive and progress within her career, throwing everything she has at it and soaking up any knowledge coming her way.