#1688 in World
#9 in Hong Kong
#504 in Asia

Djane info

DJane name BOSS

Real name DJ BOSS

Country Hong Kong


BOSS Biography

the new generation DJ By Active Production and The youngest female DJ in Hong Kong.As a new generation of Hong Kong's electronic music industry, a young girl who is only 19 years old is deeply loved by young people.she was been Japan ,Thailand , Malaysia and Singapore for preferment.

BO$$ started a new career as a DJ In 2022. She was invited to perform in Grand Openings and major events for various major local , such as Monster Energy, Adidas , Buns  , The Hong Kong animation festival ,The Hong Kong UN1TED Festival etc. Also she played on several famous clubs and bars in Different Counties , including Boomerang ,Zentral , DC Club , SD club , Club Revel, Arena Bar by Zerve, etc.

After she has accumulated various performance experiences, she understands that she must keep improving and practice more, so that she can show the most gorgeous side to the audience.  She knows how to drive the atmosphere of the scene, various mixing skills, and MC skills.