#1622 in World
#17 in South Africa

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Country South Africa

BLUSH N BASS Biography

Collectively Blush n Bass is made up of the un-stoppable duo of two South African females.
They bring a tasteful, sexy, all music experience that has seen them rock numerous electro nightclubs and festivals leaving crowds literally screaming along with vigour to their anthemic indie electro/ electro house sets.
Now it has to be said, that a lot of female acts bring a great touch of femininity and finesse to their sets and this is definitely true with Blush n Bass, but these girls can show up and shake down any male electro DJ to his boots, and this relates with pure power to every dance floor.
Not settling for only the “bangers” Blush N Bass have played the premiere pick of Cape Town’s nightclubs, bars and lounges. Having played gigs internationally in Kenya and as well as all around the country in South Africa at festivals such as Rocking the Daisies, live on the local radio stations and opening for many international acts, this duo is always up for any challenge and are amassing a huge fan base everyday just by doing what they do.