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DJane name BEBETTA

Country Germany


BEBETTA Biography

Bremen’s Bebetta is a playful, colorful and charming personality who likes to inject everything she does with a sense of fun. Her goal is to make people happy away from the troubles of every day life. In order to make this happen, she has years of DJing and music collecting experiences, that she calls upon not only in the usual Club or Festival, Bebetta also puts on her pajamas and streams regularly her famous live-session ‘Bebetta In Bed’ around the world. In this video podcast you can listen to Bebetta’s current favorite tracks and discover pillow fights with other artists like Super Flu while playing ‘bed2bed’. Take a cup of tea, relax and be part of it!

Her considered sound touches on house and tech with a real focus on melody, driving drums and emotional sensitivity and the DJ’s own personality always manages to shine through in the sets she lays down. Similar vibes also pervade her own productions, which have been offered up by different labels including her homebase Monaberry. These standout releases are often full of inventive, off kilter tracks with hooky melodies, lush chords and original ideas a world way from the norm.

Since 2008 she has been doing her thing with a name loosely taken from the English words ‘be better’. It’s all about community, about bringing people of all color and creeds together and about freeing up minds and engaging them on a natural and spiritual level. She pours all her focus into her music, but also into design for her merchandise and the beautiful covers of her musical releases. As such she is a warm and creative soul who simply wants to connect with people in any way she can.

2012-05-02 Bebetta - Herr Kapellmeister EP (Damm Rec)
2012-10-02 Klangwelt 3000 - Ratze Batz, Bebetta Rmx (Mimique)
2012-11-05 Rich Vom Dorf - Everything is much nicer at the weekend, Bebetta Rmx (Ton Liebt Klang)
2013-05-01 Vamos Art - My Shoes, Bebetta Rmx (Decadencia Rec)
2013-05-02 W!ld Kat - Deep Roarmantic, Bebetta Rmx (Cubetribe Rec)
2013-07-04 Bebetta - Try To Sleep EP (Patro de Musica)
2013-07-26 Armin Fonscha - Sub Zero, Bebetta Rmx (Wayward Music)
2013-08-12 Lars Neubert - Der Zauber, Bebetta Rmx (Cubetribe Rec)
2013-08-23 Bebetta - Lucky Child (Damm Rec)
2013-08-26 Ferdinand Laurin, Max Beck - Fachwerk, Bebetta Rmx (Redukt)
2013-08-29 Glanz & Ledwa - Mensch ärgere dich nicht, Bebetta Rmx (Damm Rec)
2013-11-05 Mark Kavas - Esoteric, Bebetta Rmx (Tonspur Rec)
2013-11-14 Kaotee - Arts and Crafts, Bebetta Rmx (Tonsport Music)
2014-01-31 Audio Stunts & Mahumba - Rummelboogie, Bebetta Rmx (Ton Liebt Klang)
2014-02-14 AndiZ - Violet Sky, Bebetta Rmx (Tonboutique)
2014-02-28 Mauro Valente - Sommerpoesie, Bebetta Rmx (Sophisticated Retreats)
2014-02-16 Bebetta - Herr Kapellmeister Remix EP (Damm Rec)
2014-03-15 Mano Meter - Puppet On A String, Bebetta Remix (Fachwerk Studios)
2014-03-31 Bebetta - Electric Train EP (Kallias)
2014-05-05 Knut S. - Maraca, Bebetta Remix (Celeste Records)
2014-07-03 Rich Vom Dorf - Begin Gro, Bebetta Remix (Ton Liebt Klang)
2014-07-31 Melokind - Miesepeter, Bebetta Remix (Lochmann)
2014-09-05 Kallias Only 001 Mixcompilation (Kallias)
2014-09-26 Bjoern Nafe – Teen Spirit, Bebetta Remix (Damm Rec)
2014-10-10 Alle Farben – Sometimes, Bebetta Remix (Synesthesia)
2014-11-05 Wolfgang Lohr – Free As a Bird, Bebetta Remix (Ostfunk Records)
2014-11-10 Niju feat. Valerie – Fairies in the Moonlight, Bebetta Remix (Diskotiere)
2014-12-12 Bebetta - Space Seven (trndmsk)
2015-02-05 Bebetta & Le Palf - Stiefmütterchen (Tächno)
2015-02-23 Drauf & Dran - Tied Of The Tide, Bebetta Remix (Style Rockets)
2015-03-26 Super Flu, Dortmunder Philharmoniker - Volkwein, Bebetta Remix (Monaberry)
2015-05-08 Serwo Schamutzki & Kosta Aldente - To Go, Bebetta Remix (Deich Records)
2015-06-01 Seth Schwarz, Bebetta - Blue Heliopolis (3000 Grad)
2015-06-05 Bebetta - Olot (I Love Vinyl)
2015-10-02 Younotus feat Anna Naklab - Hush, Bebetta Remix (Raison)
2015-11-13 Melokind feat Mehrklang - No More, Bebetta Remix (Incroyable Music)
2015-11-20 René Bourgeois, Bebetta - La Nuit (Supdub)
2016-01-29 Bebetta - Estival (Monaberry)
2016-03-29 Falscher Bart - Joanic Falls, Bebetta Remix (Product London)
2016-04-29 Bebetta - Uppercut EP (Monaberry)
2016-07-01 Dapayk & Padberg - Sink This Ship, Bebetta Remix (Mo´s Ferry Productions)
2015-06-05 Bebetta - Olot (I Love Vinyl)
2016-10-14 Piemont - Ghetto Bird, Bebetta Remix (Monaberry)
2016-12-02 Hanne & Lore - Hushle, Bebetta Remix (Monaberry)
2017-08-04 Bebetta & Cioz - Elephant On Ebay EP (Monaberry)