#2529 in World
#17 in Czech Republic
#850 in Europe

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Country Czech Republic


BEAST JANE Biography

Beast Jane is now officially one of the best CZ/SK female DJs after coming 3rd place in the 2021 Bass Awards. Originally hailing from Prague, Drum & Bass has been what she has for breakfast, lunch and dinner since 2014. She is a famous rolling, deep or liquid D’n’B selecta and a fierce performer. With a vast array of experience under her belt, she has already torn up dancefloors across the UK and Europe.

Before the pandemic, she was known as a Chapeau Rouge club resident, organizing her own thematic brand of club night known as Bass Overdose. More recently she is known for her work with DnB / Bass Portal and perseveres to help with the growth of the Czech D’n’B scene. A 2020 graduate of Digital Music in the UK she is moving forward in her musical journey so you better wait to see what surprises this young talent has up her sleeve under the Darkshire flag!