#314 in World
#11 in Netherlands
#100 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name ATHENA

Real name Rica kooistra

Country Netherlands


ATHENA Biography

Athena aka Rica Kooistra has been active in the hardcore scene for years. When she was only 16 years old, her mother braided her hair tightly and dressed her in an Australian tracksuit and dropped her off at the trainstation so she could rave with her gabbers.

She grew up with the harder styles and that got a special place in her heart at a young age of 6 years.

The hardcore scene was an escape from reality for her, a night with no worries, a night with loving people, a night with fun and a night with family.

Because her love for this music was so big, she received a turntable from her stepfather 4 years ago. And that's where it all started for her, it's a gift to give all those sweet ravers in the room the feeling she has experienced for years.

Her goal is to let everyone enjoy the moment and experience the beautiful connections together.

She already has a few big bookings on her name, such as Harmony of Hardcore, Titanium Festival, Annihilation and Uptempo warriors and more..

But it doesn't stop here, there are many beautiful things to come. Her first EP is coming, merchandise is almost ready and another big reveal awaits you.

So keep an eye on this upcoming DJane