#2841 in World
#17 in International Djane Based in China
#955 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name ASTI

Country International Djane Based in China


ASTI Biography

Asti is one of the fast growing international dj. She began dj career in 2014 and became popular very fast. Love for music follow her during many years. In childhood she studied to play piano at the music school.
Later Asti was fond of hip-hop culture. She took part as a dancer in different international underground events and battles around the world. Many famous dj’s and dancer’s came there to perform. They always exchanged of experience, knowledge, feelings and energy. In few years Asti started to playing music on dance events and battles. She focused on disco, house, hip-hop. Her music made happy everyone, more and more places invited Asti to play music.
One day she was invited China on music festival. In China Asti was improving her skills in many popular music genres. Now she focused on dubstep, trap, hard style, big room and electro house. Dj Asti has been resident and party dj on the biggest and popular clubs in China (Party Space, Miami, Top One, etc.,) music festivals and events