#331 in World
#14 in Taiwan
#58 in Asia

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Country Taiwan


She resident in WAVE CLUB Taipei now.15 years of classical piano experience which built up her strong base for music, plus her love for electro musics, Ashleybaby’s music has her own performance instinct and her unique attitude.

On the stage, she shows not just her sweet smiles and amazing looks, she uses her great performance and music to interact with the audience and blow them away with her multi-element music styles. She can light up the party with EDM, TECHNO, Tech House, Bass House, Reverse Bass….all sort of her own mix performance. This is the style of Ashleybaby.

During her international journeys, Ashleybaby has performed at Australia, Korea, Cambodia, all the big cities in China and Malaysia. She has shocked everyone not just with her prettiness, even her music and her amazing stage performance has gained her more and more fans around the world.

She has been favored by many international brands. (Hennessy VSOP, KENZO, BMW, Pagani…) and has performed at many nightclub in Taiwan. Ashleybaby performed with top 100 DJs in 2020 on S2O main stage, an outdoor event, more than 10 thousands participants.