#2486 in World
#246 in Brazil
#359 in South America

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DJane name ARYELA

Country Brazil


ARYELA Biography

A rising artist, a restless and curious professional that is always seeking to evolve and challenge her own limits.

Aryela is Brazilian and lives in São Paulo city. She produces her sets with fusions that are predominant from deep sounds, whether they lead to house music or to progressive and melodic techno with a pinch of minimalistic deep house music.

She’s been sharing her knowledge on and back stage for thirteen years. As a DJ, producer and founding partner of Chidnéris festival, she has already invested in her own agency, representing Brazilian artists overseas, managing each job with intensity. The way she works matches her strong and bold personality that is paired with a precise artistic intuition and a legit and authentic commitment to delivery her objectives.

She has performed at a number of clubs and national and international festivals, like
D-EDGE (SP), Universo Paralello (BA), 5uinto (DF), Deputamadre (MG), Soulvision (SP), The Coronet (UK), White (PAN), Aquarium (UK) and Sunset Sessions (RS) to name a few.

Love and passion are her drivers and she was born to represent the female sensibility though music