#433 in World
#9 in Ukraine
#109 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name ARRISHA

Real name Irina

Country Ukraine

ARRISHA Biography

ARRISHA is a musical artist and DJ from Ukraine.
ARRISHA's career as a professional DJ began in 2021 and is developing rapidly.
Her passion for EDM music led her to a conscious desire to become a DJ. After participating in a DJ
competition, her charisma and powerful energy during her performance, combined with her chosen music
and unique style, were noticed, after which her professional career began.
This is followed by active touring activities in Ukraine, Turkey, the Baltic countries, etc.
Her sets receive numerous views on YouTube and a significant positive response from the audience.
All her tracks are carefully selected and played. This contributes to the growth of its popularity. And also
her own special style, the highlight of which is a velvety smooth beat, melodic instrumental pits and
Her performances are filled with a passion for music and an energetic connection with the dance floor.
Inspired by the variety of genres and complete freedom in the world of electronic music, she works to
create her unique tracks.

"I want to share the best with you and give you an unforgettable experience and complete immersion
in the world of sounds."
" A smile on your face will make me happy!"