Djane info

DJane name ARRISHA

Real name Irina

Country Ukraine

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ARRISHA Biography

Passion for electronic music led to a conscious desire to become a DJ.

But for a long time it was only a hobby for me. I am played at
parties for friends.
My professional career began after participating
in a DJ competition, which was held in my favorite city Odessa in Ukraine. After participating in the competition, proposals from many clubs began to arrive.

I played in many clubs in different countries and also organized a series of my parties.

I can't imagine my life wihtout music and wihtout the exchange of unrealistically charged energy on the dance floor. Welcome to my world of techno music.

Most of all I like to play in my sets such styles of music techno, melodic
techno and indie dance.

"The smiles on your faces make me happy."