#901 in World
#4 in Portugal
#257 in Europe

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Real name Anny Dupin

Country Portugal


ANNY DUPIN Biography

Attention, ladies and gentlemen! Get ready to dive into the story of a Brazilian DJ who captured the hearts of the Portuguese audience. Anny Dupin, originally from Minas Gerais, Brazil, now calls Viseu her home. From an early age, Anny showcased herself as an energetic, vibrant, emotional, joyful, fun-loving, and music-passionate individual.

Before taking over the DJ decks, Anny Dupin shined on stage as a dancer and choreographer for the renowned singer Tina T. For three unforgettable years, her electrifying presence lit up national television, captivating audiences on channels like RTP, SIC, and TVI. A journey of rhythm and passion that shaped her unique musical trajectory.

For a decade, Anny worked as a Public Relations representative for several renowned nightclubs in Portugal, learning the ins and outs of the music industry and falling even deeper in love with this world.

During the pandemic, she decided to use her free time to hone her musical skills. Taking numerous courses at DJ PowerUp with DJ JayBoo, her mentor, and producing the AK Radio Show for Radio Apollo.

In 2022, Anny decided to take the leap and kick-started her career as a DJ. Her eclectic music selection, featuring highlights of Brazilian Music, Latin Pop, Dance, and Afro House, immediately won over the Portuguese audience. Anny knows how to read the dance floor and adapt her music selection to keep the crowd excited and dancing all night long.

As a DJ, Anny is known for her strong charisma, stage presence, musical knowledge, creativity, persistence, technical skills, and dedication. In 2023, she made it to the TOP 10 of DjaneTop.com in Portugal and has already performed over 300 times at renowned venues such as Discoteca Estaleiro in Amadora, Palha Club and Brazilian Day in Viseu, Discoteca Via Lactea in Sernancelhe, Cela 39 in Lamego, Cenoura in Lisbon, Charco in Cantanhede, Urban Club in Tábua, and Chafariz Bar in São Pedro do Sul.

Anny Dupin is a shining example that with passion, talent, and dedication, dreams can be achieved. With her unique style and impressive musical skills, she continues to conquer the Portuguese audience and leave her mark on the country's music scene. There is no doubt that Anny Dupin has a bright future ahead.