#84 in World
#10 in Germany
#50 in Europe

Djane info


Country Germany


Indefatigably and with unbridled enthusiasm, Anna Reusch sticks week after week, year after year
for years behind the wheel. She travels to where she is needed and has a smile on her face
Lips. Nothing loves her more than playing her sound. She lives for it, she delivers herself and her
Fully committed to the appreciative, appreciative crowd, totally committed to their music. The
She has mastered craftsmanship since she was a teenager, providing the necessary foundation for her
artistic expression is rock solid. On top of that she conjures up fireworks night after night
Music. That is her art and her expression: she celebrates her life as an artist with her tech-
House and techno and that with body and soul.
This is felt by all who experience it live. The fan base is growing steadily, far beyond the
Language barriers. Anna carries conscientiously and enthusiastically her creative task in the
World. Long air routes supplement her beloved, meditative car rides and she grows along
Their task is to play their music in the hearts of listeners, regardless of language barriers.
Anna has some great dates to look forward to and great clubs, release and remixes for superstars in
to show their vita. To learn, you can google. You read this text because you
want to know who Anna really is. Quite simply: Anna is not any artist of this
Music. She IS this music.