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DJane name ANICEE

Country France


ANICEE Biography

Anicée is a Djane from Marseille, known for her musical programming, her energy, her personality and her atypical style.
Anicée is above all a musician who from the age of 8 years will learn the music theory, the piano then the drums which will allow him to acquire a solid musical base.
Thanks to its many podcasts, its performances, its atypical look and its omnipresence on the social networks Anicée conceived itself a fan base very quickly, it is described like a woman fashion, full of energy, laughter and Who knows how to give a lot of pleasure through his music,
Anicée plays all styles of music specializing in minimal, Deep house, Tech house, House, Techno and is constantly developing his knowledge and skills on the art of Deejaying and musical production.
Anicée analyzes his audience and finds new techniques to mix the sounds to ensure that each event is musically unique.
She has the taste of music, knows how to select her tracks for an ever more sophisticated music program and adds mashups to her sets which gives them a lot of originality.
Anicée is a determined artist, constantly in development, perfectionist, she concentrates to fine- tune her mixes and she aims to integrate a team with other artists who share the same passion.
His goal and motivation are to satisfy the fans of electronic music with his playful attitude, his creativity, and his energetic sets.
Anicée has built a solid experience by being a Dj resident at the Maya Beach Club in Ibiza.
She also completed a 5-month season in Thailand where she was a resident of the HQ Beach Club, Catch Beach Club in Phuket and Day of the Dead Bar.
During this season she has also mixed in various and prestigious establishments and nightclubs Thai Cocoon, Ecstasy.
In France she plays for many clubs : Le Turf (Marseille) BE Club (Volx)

In 2018, Anicée played in various well-known underground clubs in Thailand, Bangkok and Phuket. Bangkok: CLUB15, Mustache, but also in various Pool Party and evenings for the company Jaxx Entertainment (Ambar ). Phuket: Cocoon
Anicée is also Djane producer