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Andrea Ferratti has turned into an icon of electronic projection for venezuela, at present As Djane it forms a part of the rows of the Crew Elekpro, group that penetrates promoting and supporting the talents pro dj's of the country, it is outlined as one of the national artists who recovers an exceptional work behind the decks developing musical meetings that they walk for the glamuroso and conceptual House Music approaching all the trends of this kind and it being charmed with by his fans who take delight on having listened to her to mix.
Sensitive conviertiéndola delivers to his public in his sets special editions in the leader fémina of the electronics with pluralist sense to manage to take pleasure the demanding Venezuelan public who follows closely his ascending professional career.

It has managed for his professional attributes to be present in important editions of relevant events for the electronic culture as they it are: Maracaibo Electronics, Electro Pool Dances, Pink Glam...

Andrea Ferratti a Djane who generates agreeable reactions to the masses that today it evolves to the electronic trends that with his exotic touch do that this new professional of the electronics is in the gun-sight of the best producers of events as a level option.