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AMY JOR Biography

Amy Jor is a rising young blood in New York’s house + techno scene. Amy is a deep house + deep techno producer & DJ. Amy just recently turned 21 (finally!), based in Brooklyn, NY, and is a recent graduate from SAE Institute where she studied audio engineering, mixing/mastering, + live sound. Amy has been involved in the electronic music scene since 15 years old, and it all started when she began interning at DJ/production school & event space TPA Studios in Manhattan where she fell in love with house, techno & all the things involved behind the scenes. She is currently studying how to build custom analog synth modules, MIDI controllers, and VST plugins while assistant engineering at Rich Royce Studios with 2x Grammy-nominated recording engineer Rich. A creative fusion between a musician, audio engineer, DIY synth/midi controller enthusiast, and visual artist, Amy creates her unique style of deep, ethereal, + melodic house + techno music opening for artists who inspire her such as Modd (All Day I Dream), Acid Pauli, Djuma Soundsystem, + David Hohme, at venues such as House of Yes, TBA Brooklyn, The Panther Room & BangOn! Elements Music & Arts Festival. Amy is a resident DJ at Vibe Tribe NYC with upcoming releases on Cairo/Berlin-based house + techno label Shagara Records.