#1824 in World
#62 in Germany
#628 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name AMAVII

Real name Tanya Sojka

Country Germany


AMAVII Biography

Born in Sweden with Moroccan and Czech decent; she moved at a very young age to West Africa. Growing up in The Gambia, West Africa exposed her to people of various cultural backgrounds and exposure of travel. She has lived abroad for many years in The UK, California, Sweden and now Germany. All these colorful factors influenced and enriched her taste and sound in music.

Bursting on the scene with fresh ideas, dynamic style and cutting-edge sound; her passion for music is promising and unquestionably distinct! She has performed in major events throughout Sweden alongside world renown artists such as LA FLEUR, FRITZ KALKBRENNER, ANNA and MONKEY SAFARI to name a few. Furthermore, has guested Ibiza, Copenhagen, Finland and The Gambia. In June 2015, she was selected to play at Sweden’s largest festival; BRÅVALLA in Norrköping, where she performed in a space with prominent acts on stage which recorded 50,703 attendees. She’s pushing her way in with all her passion and conning drive to reach exceeding heights in her career, there’s no stopping her!
Since 2011 she has been in pursuance of her love for music as MISSTEE. During the last gratifying 7 years, she has experienced limitless growth and is continuously evolving as an artist. Her journey so far has developed to this point in her career; always implementing careful reflection, awareness and realization. In April 2018, she re-branded to AMAVII and currently resides in Berlin, Germany where she is enrolled in an Audio Engineering and Music Business bachelors program. Presently steadily guesting clubs in Berlin, she is working ambitiously towards establishing herself as an upcoming DJ and producer in her new home. AMAVII is taking steps forward; looking ahead to this next chapter and a bright future in the world of music.

AMAVII gives her audience a performance like no other and is not afraid to break out of her comfort zone whilst engaging upon a profound connection with her tangible energy; this transpires from the beginning to the end of her set! She loves to blend different genres of electronic music and consistently gives the dance floor an element of surprise. Nothing is more fulfilling to her than to see the crowd dancing; in the mood that she creates. As an artist her music is her painting; it reflects her mood. The color is her theme; aspiring to captivate a certain element of design that will give it its own uniqueness and style!