#2856 in World
#63 in Russia
#965 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name ALY GEE

Real name Alyona

Country Russia


ALY GEE Biography

Aly Gee by incorporating her personal style and fashion sense into her performances, she elevates the art of DJing.

Aly Gee is a skilled DJ and music producer who is deeply passionate about electronic music. Collaborating with top artists, she has honed her craft and developed her unique style. Aly Gee has also spent years as a resident DJ at various popular clubs, where she has explored the full range of her creative talents.

As an artist, she strives to connect with her audience and share her artistic vision. Aly Gee 's performances are more than just a showcase of her musical prowess; they are a full sensory experience, with her fashion choices and visual aesthetic adding another layer of depth to her sets. With every performance, Aly Gee seeks to inspire and move her audience with the power of sound and style.