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Real name Alodia Lyn

Country Hong Kong

ALODIA LYN Biography

Alodia is a Hong Kong-based Indonesian multi-talented artist. From a very young age, Alodia was drawn to the world of arts and music. Her passion for these creative pursuits has driven her to become a singer, DJ, and song-writer/producer.

Starting her DJ career as a hobby, Alodia quickly gained recognition despite being a rookie, securing a performance at the prestigious Art Basel 2023 Closing Party at Popinjays Hong Kong. Building on this success, she continued to perform at top-notch events and clubs in Hong Kong such as Dragon-I and Boomerang. In addition to her skills as a DJ, she also produces her own music. Alodia's debut single, "Far Away," showcasing her unique blend of vocals and innovative sounds.

Demonstrating her prowess in production, Alodia has released two singles in a year and left a lasting impression by showcasing her songs at the MGM Gastronomusic Fest Macau 2023. Looking ahead, Alodia aims to further her music career on the international music scene and captivate audiences worldwide for years to come.