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Alice April is a passionate DJ whose music is synonymous with infectious energy and driving beats. With a flourishing career spanning 2021, Alice has built a solid reputation in the music industry for her fiery performances. Influenced by renowned artists such as HUGEL,TWOLATE, CRUSY, SAN PACHO, FISHER, JOSHWA etc., Alice has quickly developed her own unique style. She quickly developed her own unique style, blending captivating sounds with powerful basslines.

Thanks to her talent and determination, Alice April managed to make a name for herself on the music scene, where she quickly gained in popularity. Her energetic performances and mixes have earned her a loyal fan base who never miss an opportunity to get wild on the dancefloor.

Her magnetic presence and ability to read the crowd allow her to create a real communion with the audience, transforming every event into an unforgettable musical experience.

With an ever-evolving career and an unshakeable passion for music, rock and glamour, Alice continues to conquer new horizons. Whether behind the decks or in the studio, she is constantly pushing the boundaries of her creativity, promising her audiences unique and memorable musical experiences.

(Disney, Sephora, Heavent Paris, Guinot-Mary Cohr, Nissan, Duplex Club biarritz, Ritz Paris, Mobalpa, Fleur de loire, Electro pool party festival…)