#2631 in World
#47 in Japan
#707 in Asia

Djane info

DJane name ALESSA

Country Japan

ALESSA Biography

She is mixed half Spanish and Japanese.

She received special eduction for talented student from early childhood. And started to play piano 3 years old. Then realized that she has absolute pitch for all sounds. She had played piano 4 - 8 hours every single day.

Plus, She won piano competitions 30 times and became a Top Of Pianist in West Japan.

MUSIC is her life from 3 years old

This is the reason of she started to produce music.

She is going to be worth for Dance Music scene with her talent.

Her passionate play style will make people fun, smile, and Take them to higher.

She is really good at control the crowd and expressing herself.

She is the most passionate & Emotional DJ.