#2204 in World
#7 in Belarus
#724 in Europe

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DJane name ALENO

Country Belarus


ALENO Biography

With over 15 years industry experience, Alena has played at
many clubs, festivals & venues across Europe, the Middle
East and throughout Dubai and the UAE. She first developed
a passion for music as early as age 5 when learning piano.
Her DJ background began in 2005 after discovering a
creativity ability for electronic sound. In 2008, she graduated
from DJ studies in Minsk and began performing throughout
Belarus at many clubs and festivals, and later relocated to
Dubai in 2012. Her background in psychology enables her to
feel the audience and create an appropriate mood.
ALENO’s mixes translate her life experiences through music where words cannot express feelings. Her performances readily attract followers to any venues she plays and create an exciting atmosphere that leaves no one on the dancefloor indifferent. Expert in mixing the latest sounds and playlists to suit client’s needs (English, Arabic, Russian), troubleshooting equipment & organizing events. Excellent communication skills, and extensive knowledge in the latest genres & industry trends.
Enjoy BEAUTY & DRIVE music with DJ ALENO!