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DJane name ALDANYA

Country United Kingdom

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ALDANYA Biography

Aldanya (Alda) is a London based DJ, mostly known for her energetic and vibrant sets. She likes to get the dance floor bouncing and bring the audience to an ecstatic level!
Her approach and professionalism allowed her to make her way in established London clubs: the year 2019 started off the roof with a gig at the iconic Fabric, where she played for Pig&Dan at their Odyssey event series. A few travels followed and she got to play in different cities such as Madrid, and Berlin the techno temple in Europe.

Alda has been influenced by her many travels around the globe, but she owns her authentic approach and dedication to her roots, both Greek and Swiss-German.
In one form or another, music has always been a prominent feature in her upbringing – classically trained pianist surrounded by a family of musicians. It is when she settled in London that she found her true calling and pursued her passion for DJing. The electronic underground scene became her favourite playground.

She brings a sense of maturity to her approach, but still has that inner child with an infectious energy.