#649 in World
#15 in India
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Djane info

DJane name ADAA

Real name Shikha tiwari

Country India


ADAA Biography

Music is life. That’s why our hearts have beats.

It is generally taught us in our childhood that teenage is a phase of life that will shape our future so be careful while choosing or loosing something. But now when I look back in my teenage and find that saying true. I choose Music and very soon after seeing my honesty and hard work towards my passion, Music choose me back.
Hailing from a small town like Jaipur and creating my identity as female DJ in Mumbai who is known for her Music, was always a tough journey for me. I still remember they day I realized that DJing is my thing and I should peruse it as my career. I shared it with a lot of hopes with my mother and as expected she denied continuing the orthodox influence of the society. I tried my all the lucks to convince her but she was in no mood to listen me up. I took a major step and went all the opposite of her decision & choose my path for DJing. It was a miracle she appreciated my music & profession soon after I started getting gigs.
With her support and confidence, I was doing wonders in Jaipur but the only obstacle between my dream was the city I was living in. I was limited with the opportunities and then I decided to shift Mumbai. I shifted to Mumbai 3 years back. It took me some days to explore and I was surrounded by some good people around me who were genuinely into producing good music. I put my heart and soul & learned all the techniques from them and was now ready to battle in the market.
Being a girl and making my place in the industry was never easy. I always have to face the gender inequality before confirmation of any gigs. If I get gigs then the time slot allotted to me to perform was very less in comparison to male DJs. I realized that female DJs in this industry are used just as a prop to pull the crowd. I was very disappointed and then I decided that whatever the time I’ll get for my slot I’ll show them how power packed I’m with my talent.
I start playing in every clubs, every possible event and soon through the word of mouth I was known for my music. My social media started flooding with messages after the gigs that we liked your music. I started getting gigs from social media. And now when I look back to those days, I realize hard work always pays off.
It’s just we have to be determined and perform with honesty. Sonner or later the world will witness your work. And people will be associated with you seeing your work.
I still have a long way to go. I never stop learning and I search of every possible way to grasp knowledge and learn from the things around me. I like to discover all the possible sounds around me and try to make music out of that.

That’s why even our hearts have beats and it introduce me with a new music every time I listen to it.