#2060 in World
#8 in Switzerland
#697 in Europe

Djane info

DJane name ACEE

Country Switzerland


ACEE Biography

DJing is not just for dudes..
Ask ACEE! Switzerland’s hottest turntable export has been kicking male DJ butt for far more than a decade.
As a matter of fact ACEE is known around the globe for her skills. Her reputation precedes her and the sets of this stunning, spinning beauty leave crowds in awe wherever she drops the needle. ACEE has toured Australia, Asia, Eastern Europe and scratched her way through cities like Tokyo, Dubai, Paris or Barcelona. If her busy schedule admits it, she’s frequently rocking after-show parties for the likes of N.E.R.D., Busta Rhymes or Fatman Scoop. Global brands like WeSC, Casio, New Era or Johnnie Walker trust ACEE as an international Ambassador. We’re not done yet. ACEE is well respected among her national DJ peers and gets kudos from DJ legends like DJ Scratch, DJ Craze or DJ Premier. The girl is the real deal. She creatively blends Hip Hop, RnB with newer genres like Trap or Moobatohn and everything in between..